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Our Services

The Mighty Galamander provides expert Sales Success Consulting in the areas of Sales Force Effectiveness, Sales Analytics, Call Planning, Targeting, Segmentation, Territory Alignment, Sales Sizing & Structure, and Incentive Compensation. This consulting can include projects to execute and evaluate a appropriate Sales Operations and Enablement field measurement program for the purpose of creating continuous improvement recommendations.  Each of the Sales Operations Consulting Engagements are tailored to the unique requirements of the sponsor company.

The Mighty Galamander utilizes the latest digital and traditional market research technologies to collect crucial information from decision makers and influencers who are involved in the sales decision process.  Utilizing agile collection and sampling technologies we are able to collect and analyze “all data” (big, structured and unstructured) quickly to determine what factors are used as decision criteria in selecting an organization for a product or service. This agile Buyer Insights and Win-Loss research not only provides a valuable source of competitive intelligence, it also sheds light on the internal working of a company’s sales operations including its people, processes and tools. 

SALES audit process

The Mighty Galamander is Sales and Communications auditing consultancy that conducts sales audits that identify an organization's strengths and weaknesses and generates a plan for immediate improvement. 

The Sales Audit Company™

The Sales Audit is an objective review of an organization's sales operations structure, systems, behavior, style, staff, skills, training,strategy and the shared values of a company’s business development efforts, with special emphasis on people and motivation. The focus of the audit is to provide management and investors a GAP analysis on the organization's business development strengths and weaknesses and a detailed plan of action to achieve the desired revenue outcomes.  


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